Monday, 26 May 2014

Tips For Comparing Hotels Online from

Tips for Comparing Hotels Online from

It’s that time of year again when many holidaymakers plan their summer getaway whether it’s in Ireland, around Europe or somewhere more exotic.  At Compare Travel, we have put together some tips for comparing hotels online to ensure you get the best deals and value for money. Remember the trick is to set a budget, be flexible, compare like with like and always shop around!

Be flexible:
Peak season from May to September is generally the most expensive time to book a holiday due to the high demand. Mid-week prices are usually more competitive than weekend prices. If you find that certain hotels are more expensive for a specific date, try alternating your dates to get a more competitive price.

Book in advance:
If you a planning a hotel break, review and book at least one month in advance especially during peak season so that you won’t be disappointed, as popular hotels tend to fill up quite quickly.

Tailor your search to suit you:
Filter your search results by accommodation type, location, price, number of hotel stars, guest ratings, hotel features (e.g. parking, Wi-Fi) or hotel theme (city, shopping, romance etc.) to ensure you find the perfect hotel to suit your needs.

Take your time:
Ensure you do some research and take all factors into consideration such as location, price, duration and when to travel. Taking your time to review all factors will help you make an informed decision.

Set a budget:
When comparing hotels, try to set a budget so that it will make it easier to choose the right hotel at the right price and leave you with more money in your pocket.

Cancellation policy:
Once you have chosen the hotel, review the terms & conditions to ensure you are familiar with their cancellation policy.

Too good to be true:
If you come across a hotel that is substantially cheaper than other hotels in the same category it may be too good to be true.  Do some research online, it may be due to location i.e. the hotel may be situated in a bad area, it could be undergoing refurbishments or it may not be popular with previous guests.

Check in and check out:
Read the terms of the hotel reservation to ensure you are aware of the check in and check out times. Most hotels will offer to store your luggage in the event that you arrive too early for check in or have a late return flight.  Without your suitcases to worry about you’re free to relax and enjoy your holiday without the hassle.

When paying, it may be a good idea to use your credit card as some cards will offer more protection in the event the hotel goes out of business. Phone your bank if you are unsure to find out their policy on credit card bookings and transactions.

Once you have booked your hotel you should receive an email outlining your itinerary, booking reference number, hotel address and contact number should you have any queries. Ensure you print this off and take it with you to the hotel. You may wish to call the hotel in advance if you have any queries in relation to directions, upgrades or additional services being offered. Phone or email the hotel with your reservation number to confirm booking. This is a good time to make any special requests such as sea view, balcony, smoking room, baby cot etc.

Review comments of other holiday makers:
Always check feedback from other holiday makers to find out their experience of the hotel.  We recommend that you read a number of reviews, both negative and positive, to get the full picture and help you make the right choice.

Review photos:
Take a look at hotel photos so that you are comfortable with the setting and style of your chosen hotel.

Location, location, location:
If location is important to you, we recommend entering the address into google maps to ensure you know exactly where the hotel is situated. This is especially important if you are looking for a city break close to amenities and attractions without having to use public transport or hire a car.

Shop around:

Finally your priority is to ensure you get the best deal at the cheapest price to suit your budget, so to do a little research and shop around. When searching for hotel deals it’s important to compare like with like such as number of hotel stars, type of accommodation, location and price. We hope you find our tips useful, visit our hotel comparison site today and save!