Saturday, 25 January 2014

Drive down the costs of your holiday car rental!

Christmas is over and already thousands of rain-soaked people are turning their attention towards warmer holidays in exotic locations! However, one of the least considered parts in the holiday planning process relates to the humble car. The worldwide car hire market is worth over 22 billion, with over 2,500 companies all vying for the business! According to Paul Hudson, founder of popular travel website portal,, the average consumer is unaware of the vast array of packages available and typically loses out by hiring the first car they come across on the internet or at the airport. Making the wrong choice could have disastrous consequences for the holidaymaker or business traveller if the car hire package is flawed. is an independent car hire comparison website which compares car rental packages all over the world to find the most attractive online deals. Hudson adds “Things to look out for before making your purchase include making sure that there are no hidden charges, including local taxes and airport fees. Make sure the car comes with 24 hour breakdown assistance and most importantly, make sure you are not leaving yourself liable to car hire excess payments in the unfortunate event you are involved in an accident.”

The international car hire market is dominated by two players, Hertz and Avis, who when combined have a market share of over fifty percent. However, competition remains fierce and sites like Hudson’s travel comparison site ensure that the consumer finds the most suitable car hire package at the click of a button. “There are many tricks of the trade, so to speak,” advises Hudson. “For instance, sometimes it is cheaper to hire a car for a week than for a long weekend. You should also book online in advance, as many last minute bookings miss out on the best deals.” Hudson also stresses that, surprisingly, hiring a smaller car can sometimes cost more than a larger model, due to the high demand for smaller vehicles pushing up their rental price. 

The majority of car rental business is generated at airports, but Hudson advises booking online in advance to ensure you get the right car, with the right support package, at the right price. “A major benefit of booking online is that you get a chance to read all the terms and conditions, where you could discover penalising cancellation charges, expensive additional car driver charges or age restrictions, before committing to that particular car hire company.  One final tip Hudson recommends is to bring along your own trusty satnav, as hiring one could set you back over €90 for a week! simplifies the whole car rental process, it’s free to use and is completely transparent. Within seconds, users can have their choice of thousands of car hire offers throughout the world. The comprehensive website also offers visitors the best available offers on flights, hotels, cruises, ferries and travel insurance. Paul Hudson is passionate about all things relating to travel and can be found on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, dishing out advice to those about to leave the comfort of their armchair and see the world!  Visit our cheap car hire comparison website today for great deals!